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Chunky NEON Crayon Bling Collection ( PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION)

Chunky NEON Crayon Bling Collection ( PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION)

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This is 6 pen NEON collection that comes with six Ink Joy .7 mm gel pen.

Tiffany Blue, Yellow, White, Blue, green, and salmon

The crystals on these pens light up in LED or black lights. The Tiffany Blue pen even glows.

These pens write in the same color as the tip of the pens. These pens can write on black paper as well as white paper. The white pen will not show up on white paper.

*** These pens need to be written a bit before they start to write smoothly. In my experience with working with these pens, they write smooth, but only if you warm them up by writing on scratch paper before each use. I have black, blue, and red classic ink refills in my shop if you love the pens, but would like to write in a classic ink.

6 pens included in this collection


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